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There are several ways to get to Toronto:

  • You can go straight to Toronto via plane, train, or bus.

  • You will need a passport to be able to enter/exit Toronto and the US

  • Airport: Toronto Pearson International Airport

  • MegaBus:

  • Greyhound:.

Getting your Bike to Toronto

If you are going to be coming from outside of Toronto, you are going to have to also get your bike here too! Don’t worry there are several options. We recommend having your local bike shop pack your bike and either coordinate with the shop to have your bike picked up for shipping from their shop or to drop if off yourself via the methods below. You most certainly can pack your bike yourself. Check this link for info on what parts need to be removed and how you can protect your bike on its journey to you! Once it’s packed, send your pack to a bike shop(BFO will provide recommendations) so they can reassemble your bike.

BikeFlight (Recommended)

We are really excited about this service for a variety of reasons one being that it seems to be one of the most affordable options out there. You can use their online tool to figure out your shipping rate, print your label, and chat with customer service. There is an additional $5 fee to have the service pick up your bike from a residence or business. There is no additional fee to have your bike picked up from FedEx stores and most bike shops.


You can bring your boxed bike to Greyhound and they will ship it to your destination. It is not as costly an option. From experience please call your station to see how much time it will take to get to Toronto. The website says one thing your local station has the real info. Your bike is an afterthought to folks who are traveling so they can take your bike off, if you are not traveling with it, to accommodate passenger luggage. Expect your  bike will arrive at the Greyhound station in Toronto approximately 3 days after shipping. Always check with the local Greyhound to confirm this information